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Hey Friends, welcome to Did God Really Say…

This blog is all about the Bible and the cultures in which it was written. It’s also about how we interpret it today in a completely different culture.

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In Genesis 3 the serpent approached Eve in the garden and the first four words he said were “Did God really say…” he tried to introduce doubt into the mind of Adam and Eve about what God told them about the tree in the middle of the garden. I believe since that time the devil has been trying to do the same thing to people today in our culture. If he can get people to doubt God’s Word, the Bible then he has won a victory.

This blog will cover the basics about the Bible like translations, interpretation, and how to read the Bible in the different genres and in the proper context. We will also look at right and wrong was to interpret Scripture and the consequences that follow.

This blog will looks at different questions along the way. What was Jesus view of Scripture? What did Jesus think about the Old Testament and do we follow it today? Did Jesus have a prescription about what the Apostles and other New Testament writers would write after Him? Is the Bible inspired by God? Is the Bible inerrant (without error)? Is inerrancy a “gospel” issue, in other words can a person believe that the Bible contains errors and still have a relationship with God through Jesus? Are there grey areas in Scripture or is everything black and white?

Since God is the author of Scripture we will to find difficulties reading it. Communication from an omnipotent God to sinful humanity is bound to cause some difficulties especially over the span of 2,000 to 3,500 years in a completely different time and culture. There is bound to be things we read that seem weird or hard to understand.

Grasping God's Word Bridge - Duvall and Hays

“The Interpretive Bridge” from Duvall and Hays, Grasping God’s Word

Look for new content each week. Feel free to share your thoughts about God’s Word, ask a question, recommend a topic, or share your opinion about a topic we are discussing.  I just ask that you keep it respectful and focused on the content and not on the person or any ad hominem attacks. It is possible to disagree with someone and still be friends.

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