Hello world!

Well, this is my first shot at Bloggin’  You have to wonder, will the world really even care about what is typed in this blog.  Everyone, and I mean everyone can have their space to say whatever they desire.  BUT with everyone talking, is there anyone still listening? 

It’s a question that i have with humanities relationship to God.  Have we become so advanced that we think we know it all and we forgot to go to the one who created us and knows us best.  We want to talk and share and blog about our life and world, but does anyone really listen to God any more?  He is the only one who can help us in every situation we face.  He gave us the Bible to use as a owners manual for life.  If we want our life to run the smoothest and best way it can run, we need to pick up the owners manual and read it a little at a time.

I will finish some thoughts on this later.   Have a great day.

Serving Jesus with Joy,


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