To My Wife,

Coming back from a date with my wife, just about to put a period on the end of my day, I decided to write a little blog about my wife.  Tomorrow will be the 17th Valentines day that we will celebrate together.   At first I thought I might write a recap about past years, but that would take way to long and be boring to everyone except me and Amy.  Next I thought about writing out a bunch of things about Amy that I love.  I sat there for a few minutes just reflecting on our wedding day and boy she must have not know what she was getting herself into.   All in all, I’m just glad that we are together.  We have been through many things that have tested us, stretched us, and strengthened.  I’m just glad I have Amy to go through life with.  I can’t imagine my life without her and our children.  I think she should get an olympic medal for having to put up with and my weirdness and immaturity.   She has grown and matured over the years into such a Godly woman, a great wife, and an awesome mother.  I can’t wait to see down the road what our life will be like, but there is one thing I don’t ever doubt, we will be together through it all.

I love you Amy!

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