The Adventures of 4 Yr Olds in “Big Church”


Sunday my wife was working, so I had the kids at church by myself.  I usually have responsibilities with the Powerpoint or audio so many times I don’t get to sit with my family at church on Sundays.  Makes me thankful for the times I do get with them each week.  My 4-year-old son, Zachary has been coming into the morning worship service for the last few months rather than staying in the preschool class and it has been a distraction sometime, but for the most part I enjoy watching him worship in his own ways.  He has the option to stay the whole service or to leave and go to children’s church part of the way through the service.  Here are a few notes I have taken watching him participate in worship in his own way.

I guess we will have to invest into a toy set of drums from his birthday or Christmas.  Recently during the worship music he will take out 2 hymn books and place one on his lap and one on the pew next to him.  Next he will take 2 pens (one for each hand) and start drumming away to the beat of the music.  He stops when the music stops and starts again when another song begins to play.  I’ll have to enlist Daniel, our church drummer, to give him lessons.

He also enjoys wasting offering envelopes by drawing all over them.  But at least he is planet friendly, he will rip open the envelops and draw on the inside before getting another one from the back of the pew.  I’ll have to remind myself to start bringing some scrap paper.   His favorite thing to draw of course is trains.  He can draw you all the different types of cars and couple them together on his paper.   Good to see the hobbies are passed down from generation to generation.

At one point I notices that he was giving the people around us a good stare-down.  He would just stop and look at them and I wish i knew what the thoughts were going on in his head.  Was he examining peoples worship style or trying to give disapproval of their singing voices.  (Move over Simon Cowl)  He gave our pastor’s wife a nice long stare and she just smiled back and kept singing.

Between Allison and my parents I think he had 3-4 pieces of Gum during the service.   He needs to learn to chew it just a bit longer before swallowing the gum, or maybe he just needs some of that stride brand?  When I get home now I have to add cleaning my pockets of gum paper to my to-do list.

This year we have been trying to teach our kids to tithe on a more consistent basis and we have started giving each money to put in the offering at the end of the service.  He enjoys putting his dime in the plate as it comes by and writing his name on the envelop and sealing it up before church.

I’m looking forward to the years to come and what else may spawn from him over the next few years.   I’m glad he is in church and taking in how mom and dad worship and I know that we are creating a foundation for him that will last and one that he can stand on for years to come.  It’s worth the times I have to tell him to listen and stop doing this or that.  He will learn.

One Response to The Adventures of 4 Yr Olds in “Big Church”

  1. kyle barnes says:

    lol well I guess we all have our own ways of worshiping haha

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