Still Not Watching DWTS

Thank you ABC for yet another reason to NOT WATCH Dancing With the Stars.  As if I needed another reason anyway.   Let me start by saying I don’t have anything against dancing or with the show first.  I just could careless about the show or dancing all together.  Yes, you guessed it, it’s because I can’t dance at all and I am just a jealous hater….  I have no rhythm.  Well , I was longing on to my email when I got the bad news.  Dancing with the Stars announced its new line-up of stars and Kate Gosselin (Jon and Kate + Eight) was one of the celebrities that will be on the show this season.

I’m not sure why, but, after seeing a few episodes of their show I picked up how nagging and just plain annoying that Kate was to Jon.  It must seem from years of 1980 Sitcoms starting with Rosanne and Home Improvement leading all the way through Everybody loves Raymond.  No I’m not against women’s rights or anything either, just stating the facts, just the facts.  It seems that over the past 2 decades the “Dear Dumb Dad” has been the standard in many shows, while this is probably true for my household, this is not always the case in real life.   

One thing that has bothered me is when you publically criticize a spouse, or child or loved one in front of an audience.  There are some things that should just be left private and between families.  I know that there are times when you need to say something right away, but most of the time, the talk can wait.   Yes, their life was on TV and many things were made public, but we all have to be responsible for the stage we have regardless if it’s before millions on TV or just modeling a great behavior in front of our own children.  Remember they are watching you!!  In Closing, I might decide to watch an episode of Dancing with the Stars if I heard ahead of time that Kate falls of the stage or twirls into the band or gets dropped in a dip.

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