Superbowl Commerical Recap

February 8, 2010

You're playing like Betty White

Well, another year of great Superbowl commercials has come and gone.  I enjoyed the game and the commercials both this year.   For years, the beer commercials have had the market for the most funny commercials, but this year I think they have stepped aside and made room for several new winners.  This years commercials seemed to want to stick it to the guys more than usual.   Between the Dove, Dodge, and FloTV commercials I felt a little more manly after watching them.  I thought to myself, “At least I don’t do that!” 

We have also gone from the “Pant’s on the Ground” to “wearing no pants at all” in two of the commercials. (Dockers and  My daughter happened to be walking by the TV when both commercials came on back to back and she exclaimed ” They’re not wearing any pants! Gross!!”  I thought to myself, “but it’s supposed to be funny.”

I think my favorite commercial of the night was Snickers staring Betty White.  It was funny and nice to see the “old gal” can still bring the laughs.  She is a good sport and showed the world that she is not done making you laugh.

Focus on the Family – Tim Tebow Ad @ Yahoo! Video

Tim Tebow vs.  Well, I was looking forward to seeing the Focus on the Family Ad staring Tim Tebow and his mom.  It was highly criticized by many women’s rights groups for weeks before anyone actually viewed the ad.  As a strong pro-life person and against abortion I was excited that they took the opportunity to celebrate life.  Doctors are not prophets.  My wife and I have personally experienced when the doctor recommends “terminating a pregnancy” and then we trust God for the results and we now have a happy 9-year-old bundle of joy who I can’t imagine life without. 

Focus on the Family led by James Dobson is a great organization and  much of the hate they receive for standing up for their beliefs comes from people who don’t know them and what kind of people they are.  I heard so many lies about James Dobson in the weeks before the ad.  One person called  Dobson a “homosexual hater” and others made him out to be a loveless preacher of God.  They simply don’t know what they are talking about.

I think the woman’s right’s groups should be more upset with the commericials than the Focus on the Family ones. shamelessly used the woman (Danica Patrick and others) as sex objects and not view them as women with standards and of the 21st century.  I’m sure that the website had several million hits last night to see the rest of the commercial that teased millions of men.  SEX SELLS.   After all was said and done last night I hope the women’s right’s groups noticed how much they over-reacted and took note of the comercials like I did.

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