Project Isaac Update

February 22, 2010

I thought I would just leave a quick post about project Isaac and something that God had shown to me last week and this earlier today.  It’s almost the end of February and for the longest time I had no idea why God put the idea on my heart.  Sometimes I asked myself was it just a pointless idea that I thought I would challenge myself to complete?  Until last week I might have answered yes, but then God opened my eyes to something and allowed me to see a little into the past and into the future with the respect of Facebook.  Without going into personal details here is some of what the Lord showed me.

I had allowed my desire and passion for relationship with the youth and others to get to me to a place where I thought I had to be constantly connected to them via, Facebook, texting, and other ways and had put way to much emphases on the relationship with the students as well as giving them the truth of God’s word.  A good relationship with the students you minister to is ok, but you can’t allow it to get out of balance. 

In his book, The Disconnected Generation,  Josh McDowell has a formula in his research that says;

Rules + Relationship = Positive Results.

This relational formula works for parents, teachers and ministers.  This can be also seen in the area of teaching students God’s word.  I think a similar formula would be something like the following;

 Teaching the Word of God + Relationship = Positive Results.

You need both to create that hunger and thirst for a growing relationship with God, but if you have them out of balance you don’t get the same results.  If you have too much relationship it can lead to a too comfortable relationship where you lose some of your teachable position.  If you keep the proper distance, you can maintain that in a good way.  If you have too much Teaching of the Word of God and hardly any relationship then the students can often lack the feeling of affirmation and other feelings that you as the student pastor care for them as a student.  The old saying goes “They don’t care what you know, until they know how much you care.” 

In my recent past I have made some mistakes in this area and I think that God has allowed me to see again through Project Isaac the folly of my past mistakes.  I have recognized before that i must keep a good balance between my relationship with the students I teach and continue to preach the Word to them week in and week out.  I have a big burden upon me about the way I had interacted with some students this past fall and how I treated them.  I will have to answer to God for my actions with them and I hope that maybe some day I might get the opportunity to make it right with them and sit down and talk with them again about what I have learned.  I only hope that my actions don’t have lasting consequences for those I may have hurt.  That would be the worst fear knowing that I pushed someone away from the Lord.

So in closing, after the month is over you can expect me to not to be back on Facebook as often as I was before and the same goes for texting, emailing, Instant Messaging, Faxing or any other new way they come up with in the future.

My Dog Has a Facebook

January 25, 2010

Ginger Weldon's Facebook

Yes, it’s true.  I had some extra time this afternoon after I got off work and what did I do with my extra 45 minutes, I created a Facebook for my dog.  It’s a big joke of course and I’m going to delete it soon.   I just thought it would add a little laugh to your day, some of you anyway. 

BUT, while we are on the subject, I was made aware that Facebook is getting younger and younger.  The social networking site was created for college students and has moved down into high school years back.   Legally you have to be 13 years old to have a Facebook, but that doesn’t stop anyone who wants to create an account.  All you have to do is lie about your birth year and you are in.   Even recently I have been made aware of some elementary school students who have a Facebook.  I think that is too young.

Many of the middle schoolers in our youth group have one or the other more immature Myspace.    I say that, because if you have both, which I do, you can tell a difference in the two by simply looking at the posts from friends.  I added a MySpace years back because it was a way to communicate with the students I work with.   Little did I know it would become a tool that would open my eyes to things unseen a church.  I had to learn how to deal with the things I saw.   I’ll admit I didn’t handle them well at first, micromanaging their every little blog and post.  Now, I try to use those times as teachable moments for the students I pastor and lead.  Some take it well, while others don’t.  As the popularity of Facebook grows, more and more of the Myspace friends cross over to Facebook, I am about convinced that I’m ready to delete the MySpace account anyway.

A recent report put out by Kaiser Family Foundation just in the last week has shown where on average students are spending more time on media than 5 years ago when the study first ran.  You can look at the full report here and download ( a brief summary of it from Walt Mueller, who I consider to be one of the leading people in youth culture today.   You could branch off with several discussions from this article, so if you have something to add please feel free to leave some comments.  I just think we need to draw up some borders with respect to media use and limit the age of those who use it.  As a parent,  I make sure that I have rules in place before the issues ever come up so that I know how to answer the questions and comments posed by my children.  What ever happened to playing on the playground?

Well in conclusion, you can either add my dog to your Facebook page or not I don’t care.  She already has 7 friends now and a few pictures.