Return to Rock Eagle

April 19, 2010

Hey Class of 93, any of you remember the 5th grade trip to Rock Eagle?  For decades now the Gwinnett County Schools has sent the 5th graders on a week-long trip to Rock Eagle in the summer.   I went back to Rock Eagle for the first time since that summer in 1986  this past weekend to pick up a student in my youth ministry from a weekend camp.  We had some great discussions on the road and pulling back into the park reminded me of one of the worst trips I think I have ever had.  Here’s what I mean:

It starts before we even got to camp, the bus we were on broken down on the middle of I-20 and we spent about 1 hour sitting on the side of the road under an over pass waiting for another bus to come pick us up.  After we finally boarded the second bus guess what?  It broke down also about 20 minutes later.  Well after boarding a 3rd bus we finally made it to Rock Eagle.  I should have understood the bus situation.  It was a warning from God trying to keep us away from the camp.  God knew bad stuff was going to happen!

After we got there we settle in our bunks and meet the counselors that were in charge of us.  I don’t remember much but only that we had a very strict counselor and got yelled at often for breathing the wrong way.  It seemed that all the other counselors were very loose and let their students do just about anything they wanted.

Another memory I remember was that some other students from another school kept wanting to fight students from our school.   They started throwing sand in people’s eyes randomly and running off.  I remember several of the guys in our cabin got attacked, I think Jason Brasswell was one of them.

The last memory was the best.  We had heard from the counselors that the movie Friday the 13th was partially filmed  there and like you should tell a bunch of 5th graders that anyway it added to the scary we got later in the week.  One day we decided to go look at the famous pile of rocks made by indians long ago (Rock Eagle)  They school drove us by bus to the big pile of rocks and after we were done they decided to let us all walk back to camp through the woods by ourself with no adult supervision.  I was in the back part of the group and several of us got lost on the way back as it started to get dark.  I remember freaking out as a kid thinking Jason was going to come out and get us with his chainsaw.  Finally we found our way back to camp and then we got yelled at by our super strict counselor for being late.

This was in the days before 2nd graders had cell  phones, heck this was before cellphones  weighed less than 15 pounds and you had to carry them in a big back pack so we didn’t have them to call for help or to call for our parents to come get us from the awful bad camp.   Makes me wonder if the person who invented the cell phone was a 4-H camper with us.

So, just wanted to say thanks Rock Eagle and thanks 4-H club for all the great memories you gave me.  Let’s do it again sometime real soon… NOT.  Well all joking aside, we survived just fine and that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

If you have any great memories of your experience at Rock Eagle please feel free to add comments!

Go Comets class of 1993

Lost on Lost?

January 28, 2010


I’m counting down the days until the final season of ABC’s Lost begins.  It’s one of the few shows I’ve seen all the way from its beginning.  If you haven’t caught the show on a consistent viewing you are undoubtably lost yourself.  It is a unique show filled with action and adventure with a squeeze of sci-fi to make things interesting.  It is given an even greater blanket of confusion with all the flashbacks and flash forwards woven throughout the episodes.

I caught the last episode of the last season last week to try to catch up and remind myself what had taken place in the months earlier.  It was the show where they always use the pop-up bubble to tell you clues and things that you might not understand the first time though.  As I watched the episode I noticed more than once that they how seemed to have several Christian over-tones attached to it and I began to parallel some aspects of the show to my faith.  After all my faith runs in and around every aspect of my life.  I don’t want to just “turn on” my Christianity at church and times when I need God.   Below are some of the things my mind began to correlate with the show.

I noticed how the introduction of Jacob as the creator of the island can kind of compare to God, the creator of the earth. There also is an unknown “man in black” who wants to kill Jacob, but for some reason can’t.  The comparison between God and the devil comes to mind here.  Satan wanted to over throw God in heaven but couldn’t do it.   As the last episode comes to a close we learn that John Locke, who had to become a sacrifice to save the island had come back to life, or not really as the last few minutes had shown John Locke’s body was still dead and in a case carried by these new 6 people who have a appriciation for Latin, a dead language.  Perhaps this is the “man in black”‘s way of trying to kill Jacob.

The resurrection of John Locke has enough spiritual implications also.  Jesus himself resurrected from the dead, but he didn’t try to kill anyone after he came back from the dead.  Part of me wonders if there is a atheistic theme or plot to the show hidden in messages, similar to the movie that came out a few years ago called “The Golden Compass.”  It was a book written in response to C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia.  The book has an anti God theme and the main character tries to kill “God.”

All in all, I think the writers of the show are either on drugs as they are writing out the episodes or they are very creative and maticulous with their plots and themes. Either way I enjoy the show and will miss it after this season is over with.