New Year, New You?

I’ve seen a lot of posts from people over the last few days about “New Year, New Me”   All I have to say about that is, “Really?””  What brought on this sudden new you, was it the changing of the clock from 2009 to 2010?  I know that “new starts” often bring a little spark of excitement and change to people’s lives, but for the most part the change is not that great.  I’ve heard it said that people don’t change unless they are really motivated to do so or that they are forces to change or lose something.  I think that this is true for the large part.  There are some exceptions of course.

Here, Just a few thoughts on the new year, new you.

 Anyone can talk, but few can back it up.  Yeah, I’m skeptical  for the most part of many who talk a lot about change, but in the end they either drop out or cop-out.  The notion was a noble one probably brought on by emotion and a fresh start at a new year.  If you are going talk about a new you, don’t be like 99% of all the rest of the world and quit before you eve n get started.  Why not keep your comment to yourself and wait until after you have changed to announce all about the new you.  Most of us will believe it when we see it. 

On a related note, just so you won’t think that I’m all pessimistic or a hater, if you do fail at a goal, don’t quit after you make your first mistake.  Perfection is hard to come by and very few every reach it.  I only know of one who was perfect in everything and they nailed him to a cross.  Get back on your feet and try again. 

Second there are always the ones who say you shouldn’t set goals because when you break them you will look like a hypocrite and the world has enough of them.  In fact we are all hypocrites in one way or another.  These are the kind of people who never change year after year and have no intention to do so either. When your goal is nothing, you reach exactly what your aim was, nothing.   I’m reminded of an old Peanuts comic, where one of the characters is shooting a bow and arrow on a wall with no targets.  After he is done, he goes and draws the targets around his arrows and gives himself all bullseyes.   Another character comments back, wow, when you have nothing to aim for you hit it every time.

Lastly,  I have but a few ideas and thoughts about how to set some new years resolutions or goals if you prefer and have a good chance to succeed in them. 

1. Make them realistic, don’t aim for pie in the sky and set yourself up for failure before you even get started.  For example, don’t pledge to never say another cuss word or stop smoking immediately.   Many of those addictions and habits took years to build up and they will take a little bit of time to break free from also.  Instead try goals like to cut back or gradually slow down in areas.  This way you can see your progress and be encouraged.  Trying the never again resolutions are a quick trip to failure. 

2. Tell someone who will hold you accountable about your goals.  Ask them to ask you about every week.  When you know someone will ask you about it, you are more likely to be motivated by that and perhaps even a little embarrassment when you fail. 

3. Post your goals and reminders all around you.  In your car, on your refrigerator, in your bathroom,  everywhere you can.  You might even want to set yourself up for a prize if you reach your goal or deadline for a goal.  Reward yourself with a trip, a new toy, or something you have wanted for a while. 

4. Last ask God for some help.  In our human minds and bodies we are often weak and limited, but God knows no bounds.  I’m not saying that God will give you a miracle if you ask Him, He doesn’t work like that.   You can get help from him in a variety of different ways.  Prayer, to help you get your mind focused on the right track and off other things.  Memorizing scripture to help you in time when you feel weak.  Believe it or not, but there are scriptures for just about anything you may struggle with in the Bible. 

Whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities and then let God help you will the rest and motivation.  Just don’t type  up new year, new me or your favorite social networking site and trick yourself into thinking you will be any different from before all the while your friends laugh at you behind your back in disbelief.  They’ll see it and then believe it.  I’m pulling for you!

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