Under Fire

I decided a few days ago to start writing out my thoughts on a more regular basis and publishing them online.  I have been hesitant to do this in the past because I know that whatever I write will be open for criticism and can be looked at under the microscope by different people.  If you are going to post things for the world to see you should at the very least be responsible with what you post.  Most of all, I wasn’t sure I had the time to give to it.

As a student pastor working with teens, I already, have to make sure what I say and teach lines up with the teachings from the Bible and not just a good thought or my own personal opinion about a subject.   In a world that loves a subjective truth and moral relativism the truth is so easily lost in the endless voices of anyone who can blog and post to the internet.  If anything I think the online posts will cause me to strive to give my best and  make sure I have an eye for the details.  

At first, truth can be hard to swallow, and is often met with excuses and ignored by many people.  We all tend to get a little defensive when we are brought under the microscope or examined closely.  In the end, it is like the much needed medicine that can cure us from our aliment of sin and, we are glad we recieved it.  I see this all the time from students who want to justify the way they live their lifes against the truth of God’s word.  In the end it always comes back to bit them, no matter how many times they deny or ignore it. 

Why am I doing this?  My aim to try to represent the one true God of the Bible that I love and serve by presenting a world-view of the events that will unfold around me in my world.  I’m not looking for fame or a following, just a opportunity to represent Jesus in a Biblical way to a world that needs a savior.   I see so many examples of people who call themselves Christians or disciples of Christ, but when they open their mouths, type on the social networking pages, or live out their life in ways that are so contrary to the Bible and the way Jesus lived.  I just want to announce in a loud voice “That’s not God!”

Realizing that NO ONE is perfect and we will all fall short of God’s purpose and plan for us (Romans 3:23) I want to make sure that you know that I am no better than the next disciple of Jesus, giving my best for him, is still not good enough.  There are 2 kinds of followers of Jesus I believe ones that try to live their life the way God intended, learning more and more as they grow in their faith and then the other group of Christians who know the differences between right and wrong and they continue to disobey God’s desire for their life, ignoring conviction of the Holy Spirit.  I’ve been both kinds of these and I have to constantly guard myself from slipping back into the second type EVERYDAY.  Perhaps this blog will help hold me accountable to live like the first kind of follower of Christ.

We know that people look at us and judge us, right or wrong, everyday.  It’s so important to live the kind of life that best represents a correct life-picture of what the Bible says and how Jesus lived his life.   Looking at Christ not each other is the key of course, but when is the last time you saw Jesus, physically I mean, and how many people are just running to pick up the Bible and read it to discern the truth for themselves these days.  We rather read about vampires and other more interesting things, not that those are inherently bad or evil.  That leads to the importance of us as believers to live out in front of others the most correct interpretation of the Bible and Jesus that we can. 

So go ahead and let the fun begin and if you read anything you want to comment on please feel free to do so.  I’ll be glad to read your thoughts on the subject also.  I now consider myself “under fire.”  Anything I post is fair game.

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